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Multi Cuisine

As you soar above the clouds on a Sapura Aero private jet, you can enjoy an incredible dining experience unlike any other. With our multi cuisine meal options, you can satisfy your cravings for everything from spicy Indian curries to succulent Italian pasta dishes.  We believe that every aspect of your flight should be exceptional - and that includes the meals. So sit back, relax, and savor every delicious bite as you enjoy the ultimate multi cuisine dining experience in the skies.

24/7 Support

Our 24/7 meal support ensures that you have access to delectable dishes round-the-clock. Whether you crave a midnight snack or a sumptuous breakfast before you jet off, we have got you covered. We are committed to providing you with an unparalleled private jet experience, and our 24/7 meal support is just one way we strive to achieve that. With Sapura Aero, you can fly with the confidence that you will always be well-fed and pampered. Let us take care of all your needs.

Quick Service

At Sapura Aero, we understand that time is of the essence, especially when you're traveling on a private jet. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, our quick service in handling your meal guarantees that you'll have not only delicious but also healthy and satisfying meals on board. With us, you will never have to compromise on quality, taste, or time. We will ensure you to enjoy the luxury of travel, while experiencing the ultimate in private jet dining - anytime, anywhere.